Harry Potter Tag ⚡

Time for another tag!!

My schedule had been horribly busy so I still haven’t finished the next book I wish to review 😢 so why not do a tag to compensate for how dry this blog has been 🤣!

I combined two tags: one I found in howlinglibraries ‘s blog and one from jennyinneverland ‘s blog. Please go check them out when you can 😊

Now on to the tag…


1. What house are you in?

Slytherin 🐍

2. What is your Patronus?

A white wolf (A little note: I was not given this patronus on Pottermore , but this animal has been my favorite since I remember myself so I strongly believe that it would in fact be my patronus)

3. What is your wand?

Spruce wood with a Unicorn hair core 12 ¼” and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

4. What would your boggart be?

I have thought about this for a loong time but I still can’t really think of anything

5. What position would you play in Quiddich?

I am absolutely horrible at sports so I would just be cheering from the side 😭 (Though I would like to be a seeker)

6. Would you be a pure-blood, half-blood or muggle born?

Half-blood probably based on the fact that my mother is also a huge fan of harry Potter while my dad isn’t really into it. (My brother is also a fan)

7. Favorite book?

I am torn between The Prisoner Of Azkaban and The Half-Blood Prince…honestly..both

8. Last favorite book?

I feel like reading the books after watching the movies has definitely made me appreciate the book a lot more 😆 so.. I can’t really choose.

9. Favorite movie?

The Half-Blood Prince again.

10. Least favorite movie?

The Deathly Hallows part 1…I dunno, it was just kinda boring for me. Still watched it a hundred times though.

11. Favorite quote?

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” ( I actually got this quote as my first tattoo 😊)

12. Favorite Weasley?

The twiiiins. You know the fun starts when they appear.

13. Favorite female character?

McGonagall of course. She reminded me of one of my high school teachers who ,just like her, can be both a strict teacher and a mother figure. 

14. Favorite villain?

I feel like saying Voldemort would be boring so I’ll go wiiith…Lucius Malfoy.

15. Favorite male character?

Hagrid ❤  

16. Favorite professor?

Definitely Remus Lupin. I don’t think I need to explain why…he was a character a have utmost respect for.

Would you rathers:

1. Wash Snape’s hair, or spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?

Will Snape be compliant? 😆 Yep still Snape.

2. Duel an elated Bellatrix, or an angry Molly?

Bellatrix. I just want to kick her ass. (Not that I can but still)

3. Travel to Hogwarts via Hogwarts Express or a flying car?

Hogwarts Express!!!

4. Kiss Voldemort, or give Umbridge a bubble bath?

Oh…oh neither 😭…..Voldemort I guess.

5. Ride a hippogriff, or ride a firebolt?


6. Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?

Michael Gambon. 

And some more:

1. If you could remake any of the Potter movies, which would it be?

The first one probably. I wish there were juust a little bit more scenes left.

2. Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?

At first , like a lot of people, I wanted to be a Gryffindor, but after the countless accounts I made on Pottermore and the countless times I got sorted into Slytherin i just said welp okay then. But now I have learned to love my house and realized that I totally belong here. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

3. Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?

Slytherin every time.

4. Which class would be your favorite?

Care of magical creatures 🐉

5. Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?

Accio because I’m lazy as hell.

6. Which character do you think you’d instantly become best friends with?

I’m shy so whoever comes to greet me when they see me siting all alone 😂 Maybe Neville.

7. If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?

Invisibility cloak.

8. Favorite marauder?

Sirius Black

9. If you could bring one character back to life, which would it be?

Too many human characters on my mind so I’m gonna say Hedwig

10. Hallows or horcruxes?


11. What job would you want to have after leaving Hogwarts?

Something to do with magical creatures

12. Your top thing (person or event) which wasn’t included in the movie that annoyed you the most?

Everything that had to do with the marauders


There we go. This was super fun to do, so everyone reading this I tag you to do it on your blog or instagram account (Find me at @jtbookishworlds).

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Current Reads!!



The first book doesn’t need an introduction 😀
I have seen multiple people starting to re-read the Harry Potter series as a little celebration of the 20th Anniversary and I am happily joining in on the fun.
Harry Potter is a huge part of my childhood and is definitely my favorite series of all time. Same as others I have dreamed of studying in Hogwarts, I have done countless quizzes to find my Hogwarts house, my patronus, my wand and what not.
The world of Harry Potter will always be my favorite and re-reading the series will always feel like going back home!

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen. The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

― J.K. Rowling

The second book is Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian. The reason I picked up this book is because I quite liked the cover. When I read the back description I was sure I wanted to read it. The description makes it sound similar to Throne of glass but when starting the book , the plot reminds me a lot more of Red queen. Even so the book has its own story and its own plot and I got half way through it in a day because of how much I am enjoying it. There will definitely be a review once I have finished it! 🙂

What are your current reads?

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